About Us

With over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Best Damn Beauty founder Nicole Guerriero is an expert in all things beauty. Voted #1 in Ryan Seacrest’s national Beauty Blogger Contest, Nicole has tested thousands of beauty products from high-end formulas to their drugstore counterparts. She has literally tried them all! Knowing how difficult it is to find the best products, Nicole had a vision to create her own line of beauty essentials that not only really worked but were also affordable. The Best Damn Beauty line was born out of this vision and we’re thrilled to introduce you to these amazing products.

Creating the Best Damn Beauty products takes time and testing. We will launch 2 revolutionary products at a time, all guaranteed to be the Best Damn one you’ve ever tried. And before the end of 2016, Nicole and her team will have launched a complete skincare line (9 products) that will truly transform the beauty industry.

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